Negotiation Strategies and Skills Training

Improve your negotiation skills in English

Veščine za uspešna pogajanja v angleškem jeziku


With this training you will strengthen your language skills, learn how to execute proven tactics and you will improve your ability to bargain successfully in any situation. The negotiation training will be in English. Through group exercises you will be able to redefine your personal negotiation style and gain new appreciation on how negotiation skills can help you overcome a wide range of challenges – at work and beyond. 

Negotiation Strategies and Skills Training
TERMIN: 28. 2. 2023 (od 09:00 do 15:30) Prijavite se
Everybody knows the importance of pre-negotiation preparations but almost nobody thinks about mastering the various negotiation skills to make them efficient.


The Art and Science of Negotiation has different kinds of characteristics and there are many ways how to achieve a beneficial outcome but let us find out, which are best for you. Though in a highly interactive “presentation-discussion-practice” format, the training will explore your personal advantages and reduce any misunderstanding, disagreements and competition during the negotiation meetings.  


The training benefits are:

  • Achieve better results by leading the negotiation,
  • Learn how to lead your negotiation partner,
  • Improve negotiations by building positive, productive relationships with all negotiation partners at the table,
  • Create value and enlarge your benefit share but still produce a win win outcome,
  • Learn to recognize the right moment
  • Stand for your views by demonstrating unbeatable self-confidence without giving the impression of being arrogant.


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understanding the body language


Monika Bračika

is an independent consultant, trainer and executive with many years of experience in mastering negotiations. She served as an entrepreneur for remarkable companies, mainly in Slovenia, Germany and Dubai. She worked for Danfoss, Iskra, Wima, KPC, CapXon and other famous brand names. Her strength is the sector of global Sales and Business Development. As an external Marketing and Sales manager, she dealt with customers all over the world and in five different foreign languages. Among her clients, you can find names such as Siemens, Samsung, Whirlpool, Legrand, Bosch and hundreds of others. She covered negotiation for new business as well as the development of existing business in the automotive, electronic, telecommunication, medical and the renewable energy industries.


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