What kind of atmosphere would you like to have in your working environment?

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It is easy to say what we don’t like and what changes are needed in our working environment. Are we aware that we all co-create the atmosphere in our working environment simply by coming to work every day? Our energy, thoughts, emotions, words and actions equally contribute to collective atmosphere. Unspoken words and hidden emotions impact the environment and people around us more than we think.
What is your contribution to your working environment? Is there something within you that you believe you need to hide? Are you aware of the impact you have on your colleagues?


If you want to see changes in your working environment than start living those changes today. Act as they already have happened. You want your boss to treat you differently? Act like you already are treated differently. You as a leader want your team to be committed and engaged? Lead them as they already are.


This is how we change our working environment for better today. Stop complaining and talking about changes that are needed and make action instead. We all are always passively or actively contributing to collective atmosphere.


If you are struggling with the question “How to speak about unspoken and still survive?” what you can do is start listening. Listen to your colleagues, and not just words. See what is behind, hear the unspoken. Release your assumptions, let go of your attachments, free yourself of any fear our doubt. And when you speak, set a positive intention and speak from your heart. And then …. listen again.


Communication is one the fundamentals in Agile Working Environment that will be explained more on this exclusive seminar "Lean & Agile - zlati ključ do uspešnosti in odličnosti poslovanja"



Zoran Korenjak

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