NOVO South Korea & Asia (China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand) - The Lands of Great Business Opportunities

Video Business Seminar

  • Have you ever asked yourself why most companies struggle to enter Asian markets?

  • How to approach South Korean organizations?

  • What is South Korean business etiquette?

  • How can cultural differences affect your business?

  • And why is the South Korean market crucial for the future success of your business in Asia?

South Korea & Asia (China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand) - The Lands of Great Business Opportunities

 All these questions are answered in a video seminar which includes the following topics:

  • South Korean business development
  • Their latest investment projects
  • Market entry strategies
  • Recent changes and trends
  • South Korean government and other organizations
  • South Korean business conglomerates and their strategy
  • South Korean (Asian) business etiquette
  • Consumer behaviour and marketing tips
  • Cultural differences and their effect
  • Importance of the South Korean market

To put things into perspective there is also a short part added about China, Taiwan, Myanmar and Thailand.

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You will get almost five hours of very useful information and knowledge to grow your Business easily!

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The information you will receive from downloading this video seminar will significantly reduce the time of your entry and consequently save you a lot of money. If you are already present in the market, improved communication and negotiation is guaranteed.



With streaming the video seminar you will also receive a FREE pdf version of an exclusive guide on how to do business in South Korea, where you can find a country overview, economic figures, latest trends, investment projects, analysis of consumer behaviour, marketing tips, business etiquette and much, much more. This guide is not sold in any bookstore and is available exclusively to our customers. The guide is in English.




Video seminar ˝South Korea and Asia (China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand) - The Lands of Great Business Opportunities˝ was recorded at the business seminar, which was held in the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Ljubljana in May this year.


Since the event was a huge success and we got an incredible feedback, we decided to put it online and give you a chance to stream it. By doing that, we want to break geographical barriers and share the information with people who live away from Slovenia and unfortunately couldn’t attend the event. Furthermore, we decided to reduce the price and make it affordable to everyone with a desire to learn.


*The recording of the seminar is in English




Jure Šutar
is a Slovenian consultant and award-winning speaker with a lot of international experience. He graduated from both Slovenian as well as Korean universities and attended the Global MBA programme at one of most prestigious business schools, the Yonsei School of Business.
Throughout his career, Jure has advised many organizations and lectured employees from companies like Litostroj Power, Metrel, Instrumentation Technologies, Pomurske Mlekarne, Hella Saturnus Slovenia, Swatycomet etc. As a guest speaker, he also lectured at the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana.


Klemen Šutar
has lived, worked and studied in South Korea and throughout this time strived to understand in great depth the Korean people and their culture. He has observed and experienced first-hand the environment that surrounds them, and also studied their history for any clues it may hold as well as interacted with the people in their day-to-day lives. All of this has given him a profound understanding of their culture, which he would now like to share with others who could benefit from it.


Munyeong Baeg
is a guest speaker from South Korea. She has always been passionate about cultures and wanted to interact with people from different parts of the world. She wanted to learn about other cultures as well as share hers with the rest of the world.
Munyeong has lived in Slovenia, Lithuania and Croatia as well as visited most other European countries. For her, this was a valuable life experience, since it allowed her not only to see and learn, but also to understand and experience the cultural differences in business as well as in day-to-day life. That has made her an important and extremely valuable link between these two different parts of the world.


Mr. Zoran Horvat

President of the Croatian-Korean Business Club


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